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Why honeybees should run Congress

According to an entomologist at Cornell University named Professor Tom Seeley, honeybee scouts will advocate for a nest site, but if the rest of the honeybees don’t buy into it, the scout will give up advocating, stop caring, and go with the flow. He calls this the “retire and rest” hypothesis.

No tantrums. No filibustering. Life moves forward.


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  • the politics of buzzing…

  • the politics of cooperating fat chance are human leadership will start doing that anytime soon!

  • We could learn a lot about survival from Nature…

  • Honey bees also routinely commit suicide when defending their hive. What's the lesson there?

  • Matt; The lesson is that the good of the many is superior to the good of the few, and that selfless sacrifice insures continuation of the species.

  • It all about the power and the MONEY! There is BIG BUCKS in playing off against each other and setting up protests. It is really good for the stock market. When the stoks are in the right places they pounce on them. How could common people allow themselves to be such pawns? I guess that is why they are common.

  • political punnery

  • +Roger Beck A more pessimistic person might find a closer analogy with fanatical suicide bombers.

  • Putin chavnnas

  • Let me see if I understand this correctly. Even if I have empirical evidence that shows a given position is markedly better in multiple dimensions than the alternatives, if the rest of the folks disagree, I should fold and "go with the flow…."

    Hmmm….sounds like dictatorship of the majority to me. 

    The US Federal system of government was purposefully designed to be inefficient. To protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority and to protect the majority from the tyranny of the minority.

  • +Jordan Dea-Mattson Jordam, bees don't possess writing, you're a political psychopath… send