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Why not to walk in a wash [video]


Washes might look like great places to hike to desert newbies, but there’s an excellent reason why all those warning signs are posted.

Just because it’s sunny where you are doesn’t mean something wicked can’t be coming your way.

This footage of a debris flow heading up a flash flood was shot six hours after a storm hit forty miles away, and the current is so strong, it’s pushing a boulder.

So, do yourself a favor, and stick to the path.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • […] Originally Posted by kwhite I've seen that sign. My favorite is the one I didn't shoot. Several years ago I rode to Chaco Canyon on an early eighties Gold Wing. It was a good bike but stodgy as Gold Wings of that vintage were. As I'm sure you know there are two main roads into the Canyon. Most traffic comes off hwy 550. I decided to go out of the canyon the other direction. It's a bit different experience as it goes through a couple of large arroyos and sand washes. I didn't realize rain the week before had washed out the road until I was confronted with a cattle guard across a concrete drainage. It stood almost three feet above the connecting road on either side with a 30 MPH speed limit sign next to it. It wasn't until I was on my way to Farmington that I thought about the missed photo op. Here is a video by a wash flash flood chaser. Something for everyone I guess. It is impressive especially the boulder rolling in the water. The max rain was six hours up-wash. Why not to walk in a wash [video] – Holy Kaw! […]