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Why the media is ignoring your business


Owning a business is a bit like being in high school; it’s uncomfortable asking for attention, but you desperately need it. In the business world, however, you can’t just join the football team. You’ve got to figure out why you’re being ignored. Startup Nation gives you some reasons why the media is ignorning your company. For example:

You don’t care about them.

When you contact a media member, you’ve got to think about what’s in it for them and provide information they can actually use. If you simply talk about how great your business is and all the product features you have to offer, you will hear crickets chirping or a dial tone.

However, if you think about how you can offer valuable information to a media member that he or she can actually use, you’ll be more likely to from a lasting relationship with that person. By creating a reputation of always providing interesting and current information, over time, media members will want to call you for future stories.

Full story at Startup Nation.

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  • contractjob

    There is no such thing as a free lunch – except for media journalists who cover big company launches – perhaps.