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Why you shouldn’t take vacation over summer

It’s getting near time to plan your summer vacation, but this article asks a great question: should you? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Why not? Here are a few of the five reasons you should skip a summer vacay:

Schedules are more open. Among lobbyists in Washington, DC, there is a rush to try and set up meetings with influencers during this slower time. Not only are these two weeks slower, but the gatekeepers (such as secretaries or office administrators) are not on high alert, and the “lame ducks” who only have a short time left in their roles may taking meetings with people they usually wouldn’t. The same thing is about to happen in the last two weeks of August for every business. Not only do people tend to have fewer meetings and less jam packed days, but the lack of people paid to keep you away can create openings to speak directly to influencers you normally couldn’t reach—that is, if you’re in town to take advantage of the opportunity.

Inboxes are less cluttered. How many emails do you get in a typical day? Whether it’s 100 or 1,000, chances are you’ll be getting fewer of them in these next two weeks. As a result, you’re probably more likely to look at emails that you may not ordinarily open. In addition, our always-on relationships with our devices have created a reflexive need to check for messages even when we know we shouldn’t. And when there aren’t any, often you have the guilty moment of delight in getting something new, even if it happens to be a message selling something. Thanks to our habitual “checking in” on devices even while on vacation, you can take advantage of the fact that there’s a lot less competition to make it into your prospect’s inbox.

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