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How women confront their stereotypes in the workplace


We’ve all heard the stereotypes about businesswomen. “Boss in charge,” “ball-buster,” etc. It’s usually we get to read men’s perspectives on these stereotypes. Fortunately, Fastcompany interviews women to get their own perspective:

Ask the Toughest Question

[Erika] Napoletano does admit she’s been called a “bitch” frequently but believes that because there’s a distorted view of the difference between being unpopular and not liked. “Unpopular women in business–unpopular business people, period–make decisions that might not ultimately appeal to everyone yet honor and respect the customer. Unlikable business decisions are ones that forget that your customer is the reason you’re allowed to to business every day. It’s not because you’re pretty or you’ve got the coolest product in Silicon Valley.”

According to Napoletano, the first step is to ask yourself why someone might be moved to hurl something pejorative or demeaning, and that answer may be because that person may be feeling threatened in some way.

On the other hand, Napoletano says, “There are people in this world, both male and female, who are not nice people. And by nice, I mean respectful of others. To me, a bitch is a woman in the workplace who puts her own interests ahead of her team. If you’re acting less than respectful towards the people who can help all of you get to where you need to go and if you’re not willing to help elevate.

Full story at Fast Company.

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