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Wonder terrarium still going strong after fifty years [video]


Brown thumbs, rejoice, because it appears there’s hope for you, yet!

On Easter Sunday back in 1960, David Latimer thought he’d put together a terrarium garden for kicks using a small spiderwort plant and a huge glass container he picked up on the cheap as plastics started taking over the market.

After cleaning out the bottle, adding some compost and water, and lowering the plant in with a wire, Latimer sealed the bottle until twelve years later when he gave it a drink and popped the lid on for good; today, it’s still thriving under the stairs of his current dwelling in Surrey with the aid of a little natural light and the wonder of photosynthesis.

As Chris Beardshaw, garden designer and television personality, explained:

‘Plants operate as very good scrubbers, taking out pollutants in the air, so that a space station can effectively become self-sustaining,’ he said. ‘This is a great example of just how pioneering plants are and how they will persist given the opportunity.

‘The only input to this whole process has been solar energy, that’s the thing it has needed to keep it going. Everything else, every other thing in there has been recycled. That’s fantastic.’

If this sounds like just the kind of low-maintenance gardening for you, check out the video below for instructions as to how to make your own terrarium and, perhaps, a family heirloom.

Full story at Daily Mail.

Wonderfully weird gardens.

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