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Wooden bridge built by crowdfunding in Rotterdam

What a great idea to help governments that are short of cash.


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  • Taxation IS crowdfunding…just by the government.

  • It's a great idea even in places where the government isn't strapped for cash.

  • Could be looking at a new form of public funding here. I like the idea of being able to earmark dollars to a project that you want to see done. That's ultimate taxation with representation. Understandably not all projects are as popular and some need funding, but if you did something like ranked choice bidding with your cash, i.e. if the first project you vote for does not reach funding, or is over funded, the money goes to the next project on your list you could pad that. You'd definitely have a hell of a time funding a bridge to nowhere, unless you were a really good sales person.

    I think people underestimate the power of what just a small amount of cash can do. Even in say a city of 500K, if everyone chips in $1 for a project, that's a lot of capital.

  • This is fantastic. It's agile — you can raise private money faster than you can get it appropriated, in many cases. It's direct, so people who might use it pay for it. And it's executed by people who appreciate the fashion value of black.

  • Wow, makes me nostalgic for Rosslyn, Virginia's Skywalks (all torn down in the 2000s except for Gateway Park and Freedom park).

  • Very intresting

  • great motivation for public funding. and with names legally on walls, less people will graffiti buildings: if people graffiti in the Netherlands.

  • Although admirable and out of the box thinking I think it would have the effect of encouraging government waste here in the USA. Color me cynical but why should the politicians and bureaucrats adequately budget monies, if they think the citizenry would be willing to crowd source projects they really want.
    Maybe government entities should set aside a portion of the taxes they receive and allow the citizenry to vote where those monies should be applied to…but of course they already do that by encouraging dependence on the welfare state giveaways and handouts.

  • +Albert Nahnimmus That's a nice thought, but it seems that your not entirely familiar with the 'tagger mindset'.

  • This is so awesome on so many levels. Go Holland! Almost makes me want to go back. Almost.

  • Very interesting post indeed. I don't recall that this project has been given a lot of publicity in Netherlands this moment which is odd as I feel that the project, the idea, the execution, all deserve credits.