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World champion slot car racing is astounding [video]

If you thought slot car racing was for teenagers and geeks, well, you may be right. But that doesn’t mean this hobby isn’t ridiculously intense. Look (or rather, listen) to how fast these little cars go.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Oh…why i dont have something like that in my countryyy :((

  • Wow, this car racing looking really good and interesting. Certainly not only meant for teenagers.

  • অজ্ঞতা সবচেয়ে বড় পাপ

  • Boy I thought slot cars were long gone. The last time I raced slot cars was back in the 60’s. The track is a a lot bigger than the ones I raced on. It would be nice to see this come back, it was a lot of fun. I had a Chevy High Chaparral . Just don’t see these tracks anymore. Loved slot cars as a kid.