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The world’s top pioneers: canine edition

Dogs are well known for their loyalty to a caring friend, but certain hounds have gone above and beyond to prove their affection.

These top dogs went down in the pages of history for their heroic deeds and willingness to go where few humans — if any — have gone before.


Rupee is the first canine on record to travel for 10 days to Everest base camp with his owner, Joanne Lefson, taking him to the lofty altitude of 17,000 feet. Joanne found Rupee when he was a starving puppy on the streets of Ladakh, India and took him home to South Africa. They returned to India just months later for their challenge – a mountain trek up Everest.


This Russian canine was a true space dog and the first living creature launched into orbit around the Earth. Soviet Leader Nikita Krushchev wanted his engineers to follow up Sputnik 1 with a “space spectacular” – and they didn’t fail them.

Full story at Canine Cottages.

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