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Would finding E.T. change our view of God?


Probably one of the highest risk/reward activity in modern science is being conducted by a very small group of astronomers: the search for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations (SETI). Because they are trying to answer a purely hypothetical question, SETI astronomers certainly have detractors that wonder if the pursuit is worth even a modest investment.

But answering the question “are we alone?” would have a profound cultural and theological impact on our view of our place in the universe.

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  • Christine DiValerio

    It would not change my belief in God. There are many things that God choose not to explain. Prehistoric man for one. But it says in Genesis 1:28, Be fruitful and multiply and REPLENISH the earth. That alone tells me there was something before man as we know him. So if ETs are found that just shows a more complex universe then we thought. It will never change GOD our creator. He is also the creator of the entire universe.