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Wrap your vehicle in the power of the Force


It isn’t often you get to express your creativity on the outside of your car beyond the occasional set of reindeer antlers or truck testicles, but all that is about to change for Star Wars fans thanks to Creative Juices getting a coveted Star Wars license to produce FanWraps.

As Anita Hovey at Bit Rebels explained:

It’s easy to install and wrap your car in the FanWrap of your choice because they come with all the tools you need to make it happen, and they’ve taken special care to make the product bubble andwrinkle free for smooth application. The wraps are laminated and UV protected too, so no fading once you’ve built your ideal fan-mobile. And there are a variety of sizes available to fit every car. FanWraps are scheduled to come out in waves, starting mid-February, with the first wave featuring eight amazingly life-like, classic Star Wars characters.

Get ready to say “Cheese!” for all those cell phones on your morning commute.

Finally, a chance to make that Prius look intimidating.



Full story at FanWraps via Bit Rebels.

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