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Writhing dock brings a wild twist to surfing

We’ve seen big waves, dogs on boards, and just about everything else man or beast can do on a surfboard, so this insane twist built by Volcom and Stab Magazine comes just in time to keep the excitement alive and kicking.

The half-ton plastic raft is held down by wires, which makes it all the more dangerous for these surfers looking for new kicks.

Clearly, they don’t look too concerned as the ride the dock itself and the sweet waves off Bali.

Full story at BoatKrazy & Vimeo.

Never a dull minute in surfing.

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  • Tom

    skateboard the dock!

  • kirk

    Wow that is fascinating and really fun to watch. These sorts of mergers of physics and fun are great when operated within their expected limits. The buzzkill engineer and father in me is reminded of the ultra waterslide in Kansas that launched a young boy to his death by decapitation. The vehicle, as I understand, was outside occupant weight minimums by only a few pounds; no defect in any way in the system – simply design basis error in my crude understanding. The article above says the dock is held in place by wires. Really? The author may be on to something. Users should be very familiar with the safe-use limits and worst-case scenarious related to the mooring system and the impact toughness / hardness of the dock material before enjoying this awesome looking dock. Surfers are generally good at looking after each other – there are always life and death situations to be aware of in the ocean. This thing brings in new elements beyond imagination for most though I am afraid. But wow does that look fun – if only I could surf and get to Bali!