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WWI photos discovered in old camera


It’s been almost a century since these shots were taken in WWI France by the owner of one dusty old Jumelle Bellienistereoscopic camera, but thanks to the collector’s spirit and persistence of Anton Orlov, the unique moments in time they captured will now be seen by the world.

The hunt for photography books led Orlov to an antique store that had just acquired a treasure trove of photography paraphernalia from an estate, but it was the camera that caught his eye. A thorough cleaning led him to discover these nuggets of historical gold, though:

Inside each film chamber I found a stack of neat little glass plate holders (12 total). While 4 of them were empty the rest contained the original thin plates of glass. The last thing that I ever expected to find though were negative images on those plates! Each of them seem like they were fully developed! The glass is clear (I am not sure if dry glass plates had antihalation backing on them and am in touch with an expert to try to find that out) in the dark areas and fully exposed and dark in the light areas. I am completely baffled by this find, but the images were so intriguing that I decided to scan them.

Be sure to check out more of the pictures at The Photo Palace’s website at the link below.



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An earlier era of photography.

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