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– Your brain is on autopilot more than you think


When people think of their “unconscious” brain, normally sleeping or autonomic functions come to mind. But as science writer Shankar Vedantam writes in The Hidden Brain, our brains actually switch between conscious decision-making and “autopilot” almost constantly. And we’re not just talking about breathing here, either.

The autopilot mode can sometimes be dangerous. Although it can be useful when attention is divided, it can also cause people to make unsupported judgments about people and situations. Understanding the autopilot mode of our brains may be the answer to solving bigotry and racial bias. The NPR article has the full story on what autopilot mode means for our brains, how we can control our brains better, and an excerpt from Vedantam’s new book on the role of the hidden brain during disasters.

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  • normlevy

    My brain has been stuck on the "pause" button