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YouTube for Schools launches

Incorporating video into the education experience was once limited to popping a tape in the VHS player, but the massive growth of online video content has opened up new possibilities and problems for educators. YouTube hopes to provide a fix to the video dilemma with YouTube for Schools, a web portal that curates educational videos while also weeding out potentially inappropriate or distracting content.

“YouTube for schools is a technical solution to allow schools that normally restrict access to YouTube to gain access to it,” said Angela Lin, head of YouTube EDU. The Schools site will not include comments or related video recommendations to help keep the focus on the educational aspect of the content.

YouTube shared its motivation for creating the site in a blog post:

We’ve been hearing from teachers that they want to use the vast array of educational videos on YouTube in their classrooms, but are concerned that students will be distracted by the latest music video or cute cat, or a video that wasn’t appropriate for students. While schools that restrict access to YouTube may solve this distraction concern, they also limit access to hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube that could help bring photosynthesis to life, or show what life was like in ancient Greece.

Full story at Mashable.

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  • Daniel

    If it gets used, this is a highly effective resource!!