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Zero-packaging grocery store opening in Austin, Texas


A group of entrepreneurial foodies are opening In.gredients, a new grocery store in Austin, Texas that will specialize in local and organic ingredients—oh, and none of it will come in any kind of packaging. It will be the country’s first zero-waste grocery store. So how does a customer get their purchases home?

Well, in addition to bringing your reusable tote bags, you’d also bring containers for things like grains, oils, and dairy products. If you don’t have your containers, the store will hook you up with compostable ones.

If that weren’t cool enough, the shop will moonlight as a community centre, offering cooking classes, gardening workshops, and art shows.

Full story at GOOD.

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  • Alexandra Charles

    Why is everything that is good for the environment or innovative a "hippie" concept (said in a negative way). There is nothing wrong or kooky about wanting to do our part to help the environment and reduce wastefulness.